The alarm clock struck 5 a.m. for Ana, who excitedly headed to the SICOR El Corte Inglés Telecare Service Center for her first shift as an Operator. Ever since she began her studies for the Certificate of Professionalism in Telecare Call Management, she had been looking forward to this day.

As I traveled by bus, I mentally reviewed the practical experiences: care procedures, technology, empathetic communication, positivity and, above all, humanity and a vocation to help.

Arriving at the Care Center, the aroma of morning coffee and conversations with colleagues led her directly to her workstation, where she encountered a crucial situation.

Maria, dealing with the effects of diabetes, collapsed in her room. Without the emergency button at hand, she turned to the smart speaker. The magic words "Help me, Help me" activated the El Corte Inglés SICOR telecare service, connecting Ana to Maria. The peace of mind of knowing she was not alone, with Ana by her side, made all the difference.

Ana handled the situation with great professionalism. Reading the data in the social-health file, she contacted Maria's son Ronald, who lived nearby. She had a comforting conversation with Maria until Ronald arrived and lifted his mother. Once again, the button of life had made the difference.

But Ana's journey did not end there. She received another tip-off, this time from Antonio, a 76-year-old man with Alzheimer's disease, disoriented in the city. Ana used advanced telecare technology to locate Vanesa, Antonio's daughter, while in turn alerting the police. Vanesa managed to locate her father via the app, which told her he was about 15 minutes away. Finally, the story ended with a happy ending and Ana said goodbye to both of them, fully aware of the importance of her professional work.

SICOR's El Corte Inglés telecare service not only provides security to users like María, Ronald, Antonio and Vanesa, but also reflects the dedication and empathy of professionals like Ana, making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

With advanced technology, such as voice activation, SOS smart watches, apps for users and family members, and services such as fall detection and geolocation, it provides complete care. In addition, it has medical professionals, nutritionists, psychologists, social workers and personal assistants, such as Ana, guaranteeing personalized attention anywhere and at any time.

The button of life stories reveal the positive impact that SICOR telecare has on the lives of people and their loved ones. In every call, in every situation, the service proves to be a reliable support network, providing peace of mind and care when it is needed most. The commitment of Ana and the telecare team underscores the importance of this vital tool in the daily lives of those who rely on it.

Eduardo Fernandez

Director of SICOR Teleasistencia El Corte Inglés.

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