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Solve all your doubts related to our service, its operation and performance.

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Why is the El Corte Inglés SICOR Telecare Service the best option?

Because our Telecare Service takes care of what really matters to you "Your family", as El Corte Inglés has always done, through a personalized, reliable and high quality service.

Are there any requirements to contract the service?

There is no requirement or documentation to apply for it. You can easily contact us by phone, email or through our contact form in our contact section.

Is it necessary to have a telephone line contracted at home?

It is not necessary, our technological devices are equipped with a mobile line, at no cost to the customer, regardless of the number of calls made.

If I contract the service on a day other than the first of the month, do I have to pay for the full month?

Once we collect the data from the socio-health record and activate the equipment, we start billing. Therefore, you will pay the proportional part of the remaining month.

From the moment I request the service, how many days does it take to have it up and running? 

Once the courier service delivers the kit to your home, we will contact you with instructions on connection and operation in less than two working days.

In which regions do you provide the service?

In all regions of Spain.

Is an on-site technician required for the installation?

Our Telecare Kit is self-installable in a very simple way. Our Technical Support team will provide the necessary instructions.

If my data changes, do I have to report it?

Any changes in medication, health status, address, resource phone numbers or any other previously provided must be reported to us via the alarm.


What does the Telecare Kit include?

A central unit, with a speaker and a highly amplified microphone, a smart speaker that activates calls by voice, a push button in the form of a pendant or bracelet, an App for the user and an App for family members. If desired, an SOS smart watch.

Do both the bracelet and the pendant have any microphones through which you can speak?

The pushbutton, remote control unit, serves as a command to activate the central unit and the voice activator through which you talk to the emergency center.

What is the best location for the central unit and voice activator?

Ideally, they should be located in the rooms where the person spends the most time, for example, in the living room and bedroom.

Can I use the push button away from home? 

The push button activates the devices that are inside the home for communication through them, so outside the home we could not communicate. But for this you will have the App that works anywhere.

Can I take a shower with the push button and sleep with it?

The push button has an internal insulation allowing it to get wet. At night to avoid false alarms it is convenient to keep it handy on the headboard of the bed or on the bedside table.

Can I ask for help on the street?

Yes, from anywhere via the SOS smartwatch and from the App installed on the personal cell phone. By simply pressing a button, a direct call will be made to our emergency center.

What if I press by accident?

No problem, we'll take the opportunity to say hello and talk for a while.


Do you take care of all the elderly people living in the home?

Yes, additionally each person can have their own SOS smart watch and/or emergency push button.

How many telephone medical consultations can be made and is there a wait to speak to a doctor?

Telephone medical consultations are made with a Family Physician. The number of consultations is unlimited. They can be made 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The contact with the doctor is immediate.

Do you call to remind them of any medical appointments or medication?

Whenever you ask us for a reminder, your personal assistant will take care of your medication intake, medical appointments, therapies, diagnostic tests, administrative procedures...

Do you maintain regular contact with users?

The Personal Assistant assigned to the user will contact by telephone to follow up and detect possible needs with a pre-established periodic contact.

What are Psychological and Social telephone counseling? 

This is a service of guidance and information on emotional and social aspects by our professional psychologists and social workers. This counseling can also be requested by family members, for consultations about the users.

If I have an emergency away from home, how do you know where I am? Can my family know?

In case of emergency, through the App and the SOS smartwatch we can locate you to guide you, inform the family or pass a medical alert to the emergency room. Additionally, your family members can see your location from their own App.

Can the family indicate safe areas where the user can move?

This function is very useful to keep track of people who begin to show memory loss. Family members, from their exclusive App, can create safe areas through which the user can move, in case of trespassing, a signal is received to the emergency center from where family members will be notified.


Do I have to give notice in case of absence from home?

Whenever you leave for more than 48 hours you must notify us by any of the ways.

Can I take it to my second residence?

As it is a device that has an integrated SIM card, you can take it to your second home or to a relative's house where you spend some time. You just have to inform us in advance to update the data of the second home.

Do I still pay if I am away from home?

If the absence is for a maximum of three months, the cost of the first month would be borne by the customer and the following two months by SICOR Teleasistencia El Corte Inglés.


If I fall down and can't get up, what do I do?

You can contact the Emergency Center through the App, the central unit, the emergency button or simply by saying out loud "HELP ME, HELP ME". If you have the SOS smartwatch, an automatic communication will be established.

What happens if I press the alarm and cannot speak?

The moment you press the alarm and we do not hear you, we will notify your family and emergency resources.

In case of emergency, who do you contact?

We alert, depending on the need, emergency medical services, ambulances, firefighters, security forces. In parallel, we inform family members and personal resources previously provided.


What happens if the terminal stops working and I cannot communicate through it?

If you are unable to contact us through the alarm system, you can call us by phone at 900 29 30 49 or send us an email at

What happens if the power goes out?

The control unit has an internal battery for these situations, and the service is covered for the duration of the incident. 

If a device breaks down or malfunctions, do I have to pay for it?

The devices will be replaced free of charge, provided that it is verified that the incident is not due to misuse. 


How do I request an end of service?

You can let us know directly through the alarm system, if you prefer you can call us by phone at 900 29 30 49 or send us an email at

In case of cancellation, do I have to pay for the whole month?

As in the case of discharge, payment will only be made for the days of the month in which service is rendered.

What do I have to do with the devices when I notify the service cancellation?

Once the cancellation has been notified, you will receive an email with the details of the devices to be returned. You must deliver them to the Customer Service area of the El Corte Inglés center closest to your home.

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