We take care of the most important thing: your family.

Care of the elderly, the chronically ill
and people in a situation of dependency.

    Home and outdoor telecare

    No need for a phone line!

    We attend you and we are with you in any situation!

    Devices equipped with fall detection.

    Voice activation of emergency calls.

    Our DNA

    SICOR telecare El Corte Inglés combines home care with mobile telecare, to be with you at any time and from anywhere.
    A service designed for both users and their families.

    We attend to health needs, reducing risks at home and alleviating loneliness.

    Our professionals

    Quality in Customer Service

    Doctors 24h

    Immediate telephone attention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unlimited consultations.

    Social workers

    Personalized and specialized guidance for the elderly and situations of dependency, for access to services, social resources, aid, legislation, ...


    Telephone counseling for emotional support in situations of loneliness, anxiety, sadness, depression, bereavement, cognitive impairment...

    Personal Assistants

    A professional of reference of the person, who is in continuous contact.

    Technical support professionals

    Permanent telephone technical assistance, guaranteeing the continuity of the operation of our devices.

    Discover your kit

    We help you choose the best option to protect your family.


    How can we help you?

    We inform you

    From the first call we will guide you at all times to know the service that best suits your needs and those of your family, thus achieving a very simple and immediate hiring process.

    Technology at the service of people

    It allows us to provide the best care for your family inside and outside the home.

    Kit Asiste with SOS smart watch

    Central unit
    Voice activator
    Emergency push button
    SOS smart watch
    App sicorASISTE
    App sicorASISTE Family

    Latest technology at the service of your family

    App users

    Application from which the user can request appointments for medical services offered by SICOR teleassistance El Corte Inglés and ask for help from anywhere.

    Family App

    Specific application for family members. You will have continuous contact with your family member to know their location in real time, their travel route and, if you wish, establish security geozones.

    And also

    National coverage

    No need for telephone line


    Free shipping

    Take it wherever you want

    Our services

    Always at your service, always at your disposal

    SICOR Tele asistencia El Corte Inglés telecare takes into account the independence of users, so our services take care of you and accompany you at all times, wherever you are. Your well-being is the most important thing.

    Request help from anywhere.

    Devices that adapt to you and the way you live.

    With you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Always together to help you in whatever you need.

    Assistance for all.

    Much more than a telecare service.

    How can I contract SICOR teleassistance El Corte Inglés?

    Our Telecare service

    Quickly and easily you can count on the care and attention of SICOR telecare El Corte Inglés.
    We are with you 24 hours a day, both inside and outside your home.


    Contact us by phone, email or by filling out our form to learn about all SICOR telecare services
    El Corte Inglés.


    Our personal assistant will guide you to hire the services that best suit your needs and those of your family. your family.


    Once you receive your devices by courier, activation will be quick and easy. If needed, we will guide you through the entire activation process.


    Start enjoying peace of mind, well-being and autonomy in your home, thanks to our immediate response service. We will be with you whenever you need it.


    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

    Solve all your doubts related to our service, its operation and performance.

    If you need more details please contact us.

    Why is the SICOR Telecare Service
    El Corte Inglés is the best option?

    Because our Telecare service takes care of what really matters to you "Your family", as El Corte Inglés has always done, through a personalized, reliable and high quality service.

    Are there any requirements to contract the service?

    There is no requirement or documentation to apply for it. You can easily contact us by phone, email or through our contact form in our contact section.

    What does the Telecare Kit include?

    A central unit, with a loudspeaker and a highly amplified microphone, a smart speaker that activates calls by voice, a push button in the form of a pendant or bracelet, an App for the user and an App for family members. If desired, an SOS smart watch.

    Do both the bracelet and the pendant have any microphones through which you can speak?

    The pushbutton, remote control unit, serves as a command to activate the central unit and the voice activator through which you talk to the emergency center.

    Do you take care of all the elderly people living in the home?

    Yes, additionally each person can have their own SOS smart watch and/or emergency push button.

    How many telephone medical consultations can be made and is there a wait to speak to a doctor?

    Telephone medical consultations are made with a Family Physician. The number of consultations is unlimited. They can be made 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The contact with the doctor is immediate.

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