SOS Smartwatch helps the Mataró Local Police to assist an elderly person alone and disoriented on a public road.  

On June 24 at 11:38 hours the local police of Mataró located a 75 year old man alone and disoriented in the street, not knowing how to return to his home by his own means. The professionals of the security forces identified that the elderly person had a Senior SOS Smart Watch on his wrist.

The agents activated the emergency button on the device, which emitted an immediate "hands-free" call to the Telecare Service Emergency Center.

"SICOR Teleassistance Service of El Corte Inglés How can I help you?"

The police established communication with the service professionals indicating what was happening to the user. The Telecare Service provided information on the user's identity, state of health and family resources. The Service also identified the exact geographic location, contacting the user's wife, who immediately went to the location.

The user was transferred in an emergency ambulance to the referral hospital for medical evaluation and observation of his state of health.


This moving experience highlights how technology can make a big difference in the lives of the elderly. At SICOR Teleasistencia El Corte Inglés, we are proud to be able to provide peace of mind and security to those who trust us and their loved ones. Our mission is to continue working tirelessly to improve the quality of life of the elderly, offering innovative solutions that respond to their needs and allow them to maintain their independence.

"Technology at the Service of People".

The SICOR Teleasistencia el Corté Inglés Smart Watch allows:

  • Make an emergency call, thanks to your cell phone line.
  • From the emergency center and from the family member's APP, know the geographic position in real time.
  • Establish safety zones, signaling immediately to the Emergency Center the exit of these zones.
  • Automatic fall detection, issuing a call to the emergency center.
  • Measurement of vital signs: blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Measurement of physical activity.
  • Communication with service professionals: physicians, psychologists, social workers and personal advisors.

"I hope I never have to use your devices to call for help, but I know that, if I need it, you will be there."

This phrase becomes the leitmotiv of our users when they are informed about the different options they have to ask us if they need assistance. From SICOR Teleasistencia el Corte Inglés we continue working every day to provide that feeling of peace of mind and security to each of the people we serve, as well as their families.

At SICOR Teleasistencia El Corte Inglés, reaffirm our commitment to continue advancing in the search for technological solutions that make a difference in people's lives.. We firmly believe that innovation and empathy can converge to build a safer and more compassionate world for all.

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